JFBConnect Demonstration

With JFBConnect, you'll add Facebook *and* Google+ authentication to your website. Twitter and LinkedIn are also coming in late 2013.

JFBConnect, the premiere Joomla Facebook integration component, allows you to instantly pull in the user's Facebook avatar and profile into Kunena, JomSocial, K2, Community Builder and Virtuemart. 

You'll also be able to integrate with Open Graph Actions. Not sure what they are? Simply log in above and wait on this page, or any other article, and a Timeline entry will be made automatically for the user.

Now you can post any Joomla actions to Facebook when a user uploads a photo, reads a blog entry, joins a group, reviews or votes on a page, or any other activity from your site. No popups, no "Are you sure" or "Post to your wall?" prompts, it happens automatically and is an amazing way to organically promote your stie. With JFBConnect, you'll be able to post actions like below, automatically, to your users Timeline.

JFBConnect (JED Link) works with a standard Joomla installation by allowing for single-sign on capabilities for users with Facebook accounts, even if you don't have K2, Agora, Community Builder, JomSocial, or Kunena.

It couldn't be easier to start growing your community.  Go ahead, log in and try it out!


Demo 1: Register

Login With Facebook and use our simple registration process to create a full Joomla user on the site.

Demo 2: Profile

Review how your profile was imported into JomSocial, just one of the 3rd party extensions JFBConnect can import into along with Community Builder, K2, Kunena, and Virtuemart.

Demo 3: Social Modules

View all of the Facebook Social Modules you can easily include on your site.

Test out the Request system to let your users invite their friends.


Demo 4: Content Plugin

Learn how to automatically add social sharing buttons and comments into Joomla articles and K2 items using the Content Plugin.

Demo 5: Facebook Canvas

View your site within Facebook using either a Facebook Page Tab or stand-alone Facebook Canvas App view.